Our Team

Cameron Nwosu


As a former NCAA Division 1 athlete, who holds a NCAA Record Cameron Nwosu combines his passion for athleticism, mentorship and education to provide unprecedented service as a Sports Specialists Trainer. Receiving a Bachelor’s in Sports Management with a Minor in Business at Rice University, Nwosu continued his education at Southern and Methodist University working to complete his Masters in Liberal Studies from Southern Methodist University.


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Evan Rutter

Baseball Specialist 

As a former NCAA Division 1 Baseball athlete , Evan Rutter combines his passion for Baseball , fellowship, adversity and education to provide unprecedented service as a Pitchers/Baseball Specialist. Receiving a Bachelor’s in Sports Management at Rice University, Evan continued his education by completing his Master’s in Homeland Security from Tulane University. With his career taking an end due to suffering a UCL injury two weeks before the start of the season. He underwent Tommy John surgery that Spring. In an effort to play his last year of collegiate baseball he appealed to the NCAA for a 6th year, but did not get the year. Now he has used that experienced and switched his focus to coaching. “I thoroughly enjoy helping out athletes get to their full potential, both as a baseball player and as a student/part of the community. There is nothing I enjoy more than seeing a player improve their game, and I am eager to share my experiences and my knowledge of baseball. The MOST important thing is to always have FUN, and keep the game SIMPLE. After all, it is just a game.” 

Tronte Robinson

Training Consultant

As a driven and accomplished football player and coach with more than 16 years of football experience, Tronte Robinson passion for coaching football is second to none. Robinson background experience includes analyzing opponents film to running practice exercises and cultivating a supportive team atmosphere. His perseverance, leadership skills, and positive attitude have enabled teams to achieve success both on and off the field. Receiving a Bachelors in Exercise Sports Science at Texas State University, Robinson continued his education and achieved his certification in Speed and Agility Training.