Cameron Nwosu

Cameron Nwosu

As The Player

Aug 30: Rice vs UCLA

As a former NCAA Division 1 athlete, who holds a NCAA Record Cameron Nwosu combines his passion for athleticism, mentorship and education to provide unprecedented service as a Sports Specialists Trainer. Receiving a Bachelor’s in Sports Management with a Minor in Business at Rice University, Nwosu continued his education at Southern and Methodist University working to complete his Masters in Liberal Studies from Southern Methodist University.

As The Coach/Trainer

Founding PositionU Athletic Training in 2016, Nwosu aims to create a fully integrated, state-of-the-art sports program that develops superior training for athletes that range from aspiring youth to professional players. His vision is to cultivate a better “U” in athletes through incorporating mental and spiritual preparation into physical discipline. Nwosu is proud to specialize in D-Line/Linebacker positions, improving speed, agility, footwork, core, hands, hips, vision and flexibility.